February 16th, 2011


29 Day Meme: Day 16 - Your views on mainstream music

I don't really have any views on mainstream music, which by its nature, is familiar, diverse and unthreatening. There are certain, more alternative genres that I prefer, but I don't subscribe to the idea that just because something is popular, it's no good.

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My contract came in the post today! Together with Apple's Business Conduct Guidelines, Acceptance Sheet, Mail & Electronic Communications Systems document, Intellectual Property Agreement, Employee Privacy Notice, Safe Harbor Policy and Confidentiality Agreement. It looks like they don't do things by half, yet this is the first time I've ever received my employment contract by mail. What if it had got lost, or worse, someone had intercepted it and used my details to commit identity fraud? The envelope doesn't appear to have been tampered with, but still...

I'm pleased to report that my driving skills do still seem to be all present and correct. I was asked to do a three-point turn today, and I was surprised to see I could execute it flawlessly on my first try in 13 years.