March 4th, 2012


Project 365 - Day 14

I'm very pleased with the way this morning's photograph, of gulls on the wing, has turned out. It was taken with my mobile in the woods at the bottom of my street, in a split second...I was expecting for it to come out as a blur to be honest, but was quite pleasantly surprised when I viewed the result on my computer screen just now.

Anyway, I'm going back out in a moment - Bruce Springsteen is playing a festival in Limburg on May 28th and I want to try and get a ticket; unfortunately though, neither the festival's nor several other ticketing websites could be reached yesterday morning when the sale started, and by the afternoon had put up notices to say they were sold out. I hope I can still get one through a ticket booth...but I won't be too upset if I can't. I'm sure my sister and her boyfriend won't miss me.

ETA: no ticket...oh well.