March 23rd, 2012


Health update

The stitches came out this morning, but that hasn't improved my looks one little bit. My lip: still swollen and showing a bloody gash. My cheek: still swollen and covered in a big purple bruise. My jaw: the same. My knees: grazed and bruised. More bruises on my left shoulder, elbow and breast, and another bloody gash on my left shin.

The dentist was able to put back one (eye) tooth; but I seem to have swallowed the tooth that came after it in the aftermath of the fall. Despite starting on the disinfecting mouthwash within 24 hours of knocking my teeth out, my palate has become slightly infected as a result of which I have become slightly feverish, while the pain in my mouth is wearing me out. I can't eat, making me feel weak as a kitten. I survive on 2 or 3 mugs of yoghurt a day, which I painfully suck through a straw; it wards off the hunger pangs but can hardly be described as a satisfying meal. Still, I expect this new diet will allow me to lose a little weight, so it looks like some good is likely to come out of this sorry situation, after all.

Obviously, I've had to suspend the 365 Photo A Day project...for the foreseeable, at least.