February 2nd, 2014

pleased with herself

::points to icon::

...and I think I've got reason to be: I found my mum a new place to live, and she's agreed to move there! In fact, she's looking forward to moving in as per March 1st, or earlier even if we can arrange it. I went to look at the place with her yesterday, and even though it looked bigger in the photographs I'd seen online, Mum seems very happy with it (in particular, its proximity to the shops which are just a 5-minute walk away in her estimation) and is already planning where her dining room table should go.

It's a 1st floor (or 2nd floor for the Americans among you) 3-roomed flat with a balcony big enough to house her garden bench and a collection of flowers in pots, a large modern bathroom and a tiny kitchenette, in sheltered accommodation i.e. there's a restaurant on the ground floor -hence the kitchenette-, a nursing station, and most importantly, there's round-the-clock surveillance so the chance of her getting burgled again is virtually non-existent. The only negative is that it's right on the other side of The Hague to where I live, and on public transport it could take me up to 50 minutes to get there...and it would take my sister about the same time. Still, the main thing is that Mum feels good about the move, and now all that needs to be done is call the movers, pack up her things, and go!