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::le sigh::

My first thought of the day was of the shoes I saw and liked the look of yesterday. This means I'll probably head back to the shop after I'm done here and get them, when I thought I'd successfully managed to talk myself out of acquiring another pair of courts when I haven't even let the ones I bought a few months ago out of their box yet...They're black and pink tweed with black leather piping and front and a very elegant heel, and the way I feel now, I'll never forgive myself if I don't get them -- but when will I wear them? The ankle is getting stronger and the swelling is finally starting to go down (more than a year after originally sustaining the injury), but I'm a long way from being comfortable in stilletos yet.

I've perked up no end since discovering that I've got all that holiday left -- I can easily afford to take a day, or two even, off work every week and devote that time to the search for another job closer to home. I might even have time to take up another hobby, like salsa dancing, or pottery classes! Then again, I might just lounge about in my pyjamas all day.

First things first though, and I need to get my driver's license renewed. Never mind the fact that I haven't driven in ages and the mere thought of ever getting behind the wheel again sends shivers down my spine, so certain am I that I've forgotten most if not all of the highway code, and as for reversing into a parking space...::shudders::...but I'd be mad not to renew it. It cost me enough aggro to get it first third time around; and if I miss my window now, I'd have to go through all that again. This means I'm going to have to have my picture taken, too...Not today though, 'cause my hair's a mess.
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