June 26th, 2021


Post defined by the adjective suffix meaning “without”

Not only motherless, but catless as well. That's me, at present. Manasse died, 5 days after Mum did. He was 17, which I'm told compares to a human lifespan of 84. And as with Mum, the overriding sense was one of acceptance. I have yet to cry for either one. Perhaps I'm just heartless.

Meanwhile, I've adopted two female kittens, who were born to a friend of a friend's cat in Amsterdam on the 25th of May. I'll pick them up at the end of next month, and hope to have them with me for years to come.

I've christened them Pax and Izzy.

Also, I'm going to be jobless again in a few short months. I signed a three-month extension to my contract yesterday, but I'd already made up my mind that I'm not staying, even before I knew there was no possibility of getting that permanent position they dangled in front of me to get me to sign on the first time round. I'll come right out and say it: ABB is one of the worst companies I've ever worked for. It's not the people (they're lovely), but it's the organisation itself that is at fault. Sheer endless lines of communication. No written procedures. No accountability, high work pressure, and churn of over 10%. On top of that, I don't like being a people manager, or a customer services manager as I am now. I'm working flat out, 70 to 80 hours a week; right now, I'm doing the work of 3 people, and while the money's good, I'm close to exhaustion myself.

But instead of trawling the job boards, here I am, checking into LJ again... Good to see I've still got my priorities in order, eh? ;-)