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Blagged off all the cool kids, here's

New Years Day...

Never my favourite. Having partied all night, I usually don't surface until late in the morning, and then feel like I've been hit by a 10 ton truck. On getting dressed, I invariably find that in my bid to travel light, I didn't bring any clean underwear or comfy shoes, and am left seriously questioning the wisdom of traversing the country in what is so obviously party attire. Add to that the fact that it's usually raining, all the shops are closed, and no one is about except for a few gangly youths who think throwing firecrackers in front of your feet is something you'll appreciate; and you'll get why most years, this particular day is one that as far as I'm concerned, can't be over soon enough.

After today's session with the therapist, I think I'm feeling a little better...or perhaps I should say, a little more hopeful that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. She's going to speak with Jobsworth, sound him out as to how he would feel about a -temporary- outplacement for me...

I just watched the first two episodes of Desperate Housewives. It's good...intriguing. Why did Mary Alice kill herself? Why did her husband go through all that trouble to dig up a box from under the pool, only to dump it in the river? Is Mike a hitman or an undercover cop? Why is Bree such a control freak? Questions, questions, questions...I think I'll watch it again next week!

Judging by today's lack of pranks, I'm guessing that as traditions go, April Fool's can be said to be moribund.

Which seems to be the same state the Pope is in at the moment. Poor man. Why, when he created the possibility for future incumbents of Peter's see to step down from the office if it became too much, did he not avail himself of it before now?

I'm finally home, after two weeks on the road; first following CoRo around on their mini spring tour of the UK, and then spending time with RL and LJ friends in various places up and down the country. I'm a wee bit tired and travel-worn, but still on a high from having had this wonderful experience. I'll be doing a big write-up soon, and hopefully, my pictures will come out alright a little later too, but for now it's sorting out the laundry as well as sifting through the memories time -- and setting the alarm clock so as to be ready for another day at work tomorrow.

I've been feeling singularly uninspired lately; I've been wanting to drabble but the muse has remained silent for the most part -- and in other areas of my life, things aren't going the way I would like them to, either.

Dear Madam,

Very recently, you took part in a psychological assessment in relation to your application to join our organisation. We now invite you to a presentation at our offices on Friday July 8th, from 9am-1.30pm...

I'm through to the next round! Could my luck finally be changing?

***5 Months on, and we all know it didn't.

Ouch! Somehow, some time between going to bed last night and getting up again this morning, I've managed to throw my back out. How on earth did I do that? The pain is forcing me to walk gingerly, like an old, old woman; and to sit very, very still with my back up straight against the chair. And even then, it hurts. If it hasn't improved by tonight, I'm breaking out the aspirin...

Today is my dad's 76th birthday, so I went round and brought him his favourite pastries this morning. We had coffee and a chat. Mum was there as well. I worry about her; she insists she's fine, but there's something about her breathing -shallow, erratic- that I don't like, and she just keeps on losing weight. I've sent her to the doctor's before, but he's not been able to find anything physically wrong; said it was probably just down to stress and grief after the death of her sister last January. And it's true she's changed since then: she used to always be very lively and animated -- now, she hardly ever smiles or says anything, and she looks as if she's ready to burst into tears every second.

I think that at the moment, HP and I are both agreed that things can't go on as they are. The question is, will they be willing to help me find another position within the company, or would they favour the road of least resistance and sack me? If I could only find out...

It's a special day for josephine_64 and theohara:
Happy birthday, girls! Hope it's a good one!

I was in town just now, as Sinterklaas is upon us and with a 4-year-old nephew, there's simply no escaping from it. We'll be celebrating it a little early this year (i.e. tomorrow), and so I'd gone into town to find presents for the whole family.

My word! I don't half talk a lot, do I? Question is, though -- do I ever really say anything?
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