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On the 12th day before Christmas...

First off: a very happy birthday to viciouswishes, whose whopping great music posts never fail to delight!

Am in two minds about getting a Christmas tree. I see them all around me and feel like it would be really nice to set one up, only -- last time I did that, the cats took less than half an hour to utterly demolish it, baubles going everywhere, and lots of glass underfoot.

Am really in two minds about Christmas too, if truth be told. Accepted my sister's invitation to spend Christmas Day at hers -- then remembered The Christmas Invasion would be on, and suggested we move it back a day. Felt really sheepish when asked why, to admit that it was so as I could watch a television programme. Still awaiting her decision.

Got notified that I may collect my Christmas hamper from my employer tomorrow. Since I got a breadmaker last year, and a set of salad bowls the year before, I wonder what I'll be lugging home this time. Whatever it is they decided on this year, I hope for once it doesn't come in one of those awkward big boxes that are murder to carry on the bus.

Wonder what I should wear this Christmas. It never ceases to amaze me that despite having a ruddy big wardrobe full of clothes, I hardly ever have anything nice to wear.
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