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The Christmas Invasion

Up until an hour ago, I wasn't sure if I would like the new Doctor Who as much as the last one. Now that I've seen The Christmas Invasion, I'm sure I can't wait for the next adventure to be broadcast in the spring. Did you see that trailer? Wasn't it simply fantastic?

As to tonight's Christmas special, it may have taken me a while (about half an hour really) to get over the 'not my Doctor'-feeling, by the end I'd found enough 'still my Doctor'-clues to have fully enjoyed it. He's still the same wonderfully enthusiastic alien who thinks he's so impressive, and in the face off with the Sycorax and later, Harriet Jones PM, he proved he hadn't lost any of the menace, steel and ruthlessness he'd shown the Daleks before. And the way he'd changed...hee! it looks like this Doctor does do domestic very well. He even had a hug for Jackie!

Those Santas and the killer Christmas tree reminded me of last season's automatons. I think that may be why I didn't care for the first half hour much, when the thought of 'oh here we go again!' was uppermost in my mind. Then luckily, the Doctor finally did wake up and the plot and the pace changed dramatically.

Shippery moments, too -- when Mickey asked Rose "You really do love him, don't you?", and when Rose broke down in her mother's arms sobbing her heart out because her Doctor had left her (or so she thought).

And U.N.I.T. still exists! Yay! And yay for Torchwood, too!

Though one thing confuses me: those 'pilot fish' -- first they're after the Doctor, and then when they have him in their great big ship, they don't know who he is? Or did the Doctor just assume they were after him, when in reality, they were just scouting out the planet? But if they were doing that, then why target Rose and Mickey? And where did that Christmas tree come from, exactly?

Right -- back to my Christmas celebrations, even though they've been marred by the news that one of my best friends' father died earlier this evening. How sad.
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