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The secret of my success

It's my last day at work in 2005, since I've taken the day off tomorrow, and boy! does it pass slowly. There's hardly anyone in, and I'd finished most of my tasks by 11am already; so now I'm just kicking my heels willing the clock to speed far, without success.

And yet, what pretty heels they are! There may hardly be anyone in, but those that are, male and female alike, have all been made to squee over my purple boots, worn to the office for the very first time today. They'd brought it on themselves: I showed them a picture two weeks ago, but would they let it go at that? Every day I've had to hear 'No purple boots today, then?', so I took my chance and made sure everyone -and I mean everyone- got to see them and praise them to the skies.

Which reminds me: did I ever tell you how I avoid getting blisters and other equally unpleasant aches from breaking in new shoes? Petroleum jelly. Rub some on your feet and you'll be able to keep going all day. And, do you know that awful burning sensation on the balls of your feet when you're wearing certain kinds of heels for any length of time? Get yourself some 'Party Feet'. Seriously. They're gel cushions that you can wash and re-use, and obtain from any chemist or supermarket like Boots or Sainsburys. Honestly, I swear by these two items. I'd be quite upset if I ever had to make do without...though make do, I would. There's no way I'd ever give up my shoe shopping! ;-)
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