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Fun at home

I started my morning with a nice cooked breakfast and some daytime TV, as I was pleased to note that some of my favourite morning programmes had made it back onto the roster after the madness that was the holidays and the snooker...or was it darts? I can't remember. I don't know why, but house hunting and DIY programmes always hold my interest. No Houses Under The Hammer, or any sign of a speedy return of my absolute favourite: Escape To The Country; but with Living In The Sun and Trading Up instead, I couldn't really complain.

Afterwards, I felt inspired to get rid of some of the clutter in the kitchen, so I went out and bought some of those collapsable plastic boxes in a colour to match the orange of my kitchen lino, or near enough, and filling them with all sorts of odds and ends that a kitchen invariably seems to accumulate (mostly tupperware containers and egg timers and stuff), stacked them neatly along the wall...and then I could finally scrub down the work surface and the shelves. The space could do with a lick of paint as well, I've noticed, but I don't think I'll get around to it today.

Having sorted out the kitchen, I moved into the bedroom where my wardrobe needed another Trinny&Susanna action. I took out all my clothes and dumped them on the bed; then I cast a critical eye over each and every item. Clothes that were no longer fashionable, that I'd kept because of the memories (some dating back to the mid-80s) were all binned, as were those that even if they could have survived this round, if they no longer fit comfortably (and yes, I have put on a pound or two over the holiday season!), out they went. I've also done away with all the things I've bought and never ever other people make that same mistake, I wonder?

Now all that remains is to try and hang that painting that's been stood against the wall for the last 2 years, do a bit of grocery shopping, and perhaps get myself that bucket of emulsion and a roller, and attack those kitchen walls.

ETA: Just finished clearing out the cellar, too, in time for tomorrow's bin collection. My, a person can collect a lot of junk over an 8-year stretch! Half the stuff that was in there, I didn't even know I had. I certainly never missed it, so...out it goes! My NYR: to de-clutter more often.
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