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All set

I've just booked my flights to and from Coventry, now all I need to do is wait until Monday and book the time off as well. Although we had originally planned on a 1-week visit, which freakspawn has been diligently filling with excursions and engagements already, I have now added on an extra week so as to be able to accompany her and anonypooh to Griffin House's concert on the 25th of March. I'm looking forward to visiting Warwick and Warwick Castle, which as chance would have it was shown on telly this morning, and Stratford and all the other fun things they have planned. Oh my, I'm going to be so spoiled! And since you're going to be hard at work during the day for the first week, Lare, I think it only fair that I shall take on the housework. Okay, I may not get on a ladder and clean your windows, or get on my hands and knees and scrub your toilet with a toothbrush, but I could cook you dinner perhaps -- what do you say?

Meanwhile, the tranquillity of my present holiday is being shattered by the builders sent in to do up my downstairs neighbour's place prior to putting it on the market. She died Dec 30th, and now her family want to sell the place as soon as poss. I hope we can get some new people in soon too, but unfortunately, it does mean an awful lot of noise is coming from downstairs right now. Maybe I can use it to cover up my own little DIY-job that needs doing?
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