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Reasons to be cheerful, pt 1-5

There are several things that make me happy today:

1) my inestimable sire tiashome has suggested that in honour of JM's birthday, we declare this day to be No Kerfuffle Day within the fandom, and I for one support this idea wholeheartedly. Kerfuffles, while mildly amusing at times, take up far too much band-width and energy, lead to too many misunderstandings and bad feelings, and on the whole just aren't worth it. JMHO.

2) of course, it had completely slipped my mind that today's the day James catches up with me and now we're 41 together...which I do assure you, makes me feel a whole lot better. It's not that I care much about aging or anything, it's just...41. Bloody hell!
Now he's in the same boat, I feel strangely comforted...

3) I have received hardcopy confirmation that I will be let in the doors of the Moonlight Rising convention in Bushkill, PA next year, and julchek has kindly offered to keep this letter safe for me, so that I don't lose it and be disappointed when I turn up there.

4) and estepheia's planted an idea in both db2305 and my head and now it looks like we'll be meeting up for our very own private Buffy-fest this weekend! I can't tell you how excited I am about the prospect...I'm constantly having to pinch myself.

5) look at the results on this quiz-thing: my aura's yellow. I like yellow. It's one of my favourite colours. Yes, I'm quite stupidly pleased about this:

Yellow: You are very in touch with your inner
child. Fun loving, carefree and optimistic,
you are playful and will do what you can to
help others. It is all about laughter and
being free and spontaneous. You love nature,
people and animals. You are intelligent, open-
minded and reflect positive energy. Your
weakness is procrastination and planning.
Secret emotions: Idealism and Excitement

What color is your aura?
brought to you by Quizilla
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