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When we were young, I think my mum washed our hair –on average- once a week. My hairdresser tells me I shouldn’t wash it every day; that it will be much healthier and shinier if I leave off the daily ritual. Well, I can believe shinier alright! How did people cope in the Dark Ages, I wonder – how did Lady Godiva manage to voluminise her hair sufficiently to be cloaked in it from head to foot and so preserve her modesty without the help of shampoos, conditioners and other helpful hair care products? How did Mona Lisa keep her tresses clean, or Catherine the Great tame her curls? Cleopatra allegedly bathed in ass's milk -- did she wash her hair in it, too?

Once, when I was about 14 or 15, someone told me that beer could give your hair an instant boost, and so I tried it. I wouldn’t recommend you do, though – even if you can get the stickiness out easily enough, dealing with the smell is something else entirely.

I’ve been trying to follow my hairdresser’s advice, but it’s hard. I like washing my hair. It’s an immensely soothing and satisfying experience; and I like the way my hair looks after I’ve washed and dried it. But give it 24 hours and it's gone all lanky again! It’s maddening! And it makes me wonder, seriously: how did people cope in the old days?
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