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I like this type of shoe

Googling the word moccasin, I get 'a word originating in a Native American language, meaning a shoe made of deerskin or other soft leather. It is made in one piece; the sole is soft and flexible and the upper part is often adorned with embroidery, beading or other ornament'.

This would mean that the type of shoe sold as mocassin over here really shouldn't be called mocassin at all, since they're demonstrably not made of one piece of leather; but whatever the more accurate description for them might be, the fact remains that they're among my most favourite kind of footwear, and have been ever since I was a kid begging my mum to let me have the more fanciful and frivolous kind of footwear rather than the sensible shoes she insisted on 'while your feet are still growing'. These days, I'm glad she never took any notice, but then...It's the fringes, you see: I've always been a sucker for fringes...Last year's pair scores highly on the number of fringes.

My other main reason for liking them is their extreme comfort. They're nice and soft and they never pinch, they never squeeze your toes together and they're usually quite good at keeping your feet warm. Last year's pair, made of sheepskin with the wool turned inside, even scores particularly highly on the toastiness factor.

This year's pair lacks fringes and fur lining. But they were only 15 euros in the sales, so there was really no way I could ignore them. Besides, they lace up the back, and in boots, that's another weakness of mine. ;-)

Last year's pair, which I love to bits, mainly because of its double row of fringes

This year's pair, which I like despite its distinct lack of fringes.
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