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Preview of the years ahead

My roots are showing, and they're showing me something else too: I'm going grey. It's just a few hairs here and there, but still....I wonder when that happened? When did my follicles decide to give up the effort and admit defeat? And why should I start to go grey already, when both of my parents retained their hair colour well into their sixties? Even now, when they're in their seventies, they're more pepper-and-salt...

I wonder what other surprises this year has in store for me? Surely, since it's the Year of the Dog, my Companion, that must make it lucky for me?

::looks it up on teh interwebs::

The Tiger can be a leader using either charm or force. This year calls for charm and wit to complete your goals. Listen to advice and be open to those who want to help. Trust your instincts when opportunity comes. Be quick, but stay flexible. This is a year of great possibilities but watch your finances closely as you gather the rewards of your action.

'Watch your finances'. How smashing super wow.

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