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Kinky Boots

I've wanted to see this movie ever since I first heard of it on one of those culture shows. Unfortunately, it never, to my knowledge, made it into the Dutch cinemas...or if it did, it must have hit them when I wasn't looking.

So, when JW, my closest associate at work, greeted me with a mysterious and slightly knowing smile this morning, I wondered what he might be up to. And then he turned around and presented me with a cd. From the creators of Calendar Girls - Kinky Boots - "Priscilla Queen Of The Desert Meets The Full Monty.", it read.

Isn't that sweet? He'd only gone and found me that film we discussed months ago, downloaded it and burned it onto a cd for me, knowing it would make me happy to watch it tonight.

And make me happy, it did. It really is a gem. And oooh, Chiwetel Ejiofor makes one helluva of drag queen!

Apparently, it's based on a true story. I remembered that from the culture show I was watching like a year ago. The owner of a Northampton shoe factory faces having to close it down, or to find and cater to a niche market in order to keep in business. A chance encounter with a transvestite entertainer helps him do the latter, and their first collection takes Milan by storm.

This film is British cinema at its best. The story, the acting, the dialogue, the humour, the music all combine to deliver a product that has quality written all over it. There's depth and drama, but its offset by lighter touches and really, it's just a story about ordinary people leading ordinary lives - no explosions, no car chases, no characters moping around for too long.

JW hasn't seen it yet. He thinks it's not for him. He doesn't know how wrong he is. Now, I wonder if I can get him to download me a copy of In Her Shoes, too...just to see how it compares.
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