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Use your loaf!

How stupid can some people get?

I just heard of the latest escalation in which an employee of the Belgian Royal Library, charged with scanning in a 14th century parchment, took the document, wax seals and all, and fed it through the ADF unit on a LJ9000LMFP. Not surprisingly, it got stuck.

Following the instructions of our technical support helpdesk, they managed to retrieve the priceless parchment, but not without tearing it. And now they want hp to pay damages?!



Feb. 17th, 2006 04:33 pm (UTC)
My sentiments, exactly. I don't really care about the blame game going on now, but that poor age old folio...To have survived wars and fires and mice and whatnot, only to end up being casually destroyed by someone whose mind was clearly on other things...someone into whose custody it had been given, who really should have known better...They were probably trying to cut corners, not giving it to the professionals to digitalise but thinking: hey! there's a scanner on an MFP! Let's use that instead!