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Pimpin' post

I have three things to bring to your attention today:

  • First off, there's soundingsea's Fanthropology, 'How Do You Use Your LJ?', Poll , which is good if like me, you're incuriably curious into other people's LJ-habits and finding out how they compare to your own, aka the 'Am I A Freak?'-anxiety;

  • Secondly, there's the Doctor Who Friending Meme, new friend bunnirific's initiative. Although I'm of the firm belief that people with similar interests will gravitate towards each other quite naturally if left to their own devices, I see no harm in speeding things along occasionally;

  • And lastly, The (American) Breast Cancer Site is asking for help in meeting its daily clicking target again, so as to be able to provide free mammograms to underpriviliged women. I seem to remember having received a similar e-mail some time ago, so I'm not sure whether this is the same e-mail and initiative doing the rounds again, or a new appeal for help, but I'm passing it on anyway...
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