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On a scale of 1-10, this would probably rate about a 2 3/4

...but it is extremely annoying nonetheless.

Feeling a bit better still, and giving in to a sudden craving for shrimp with my lunch, I dragged myself off to the shops. It wasn't easy manoeuvreing my crutches and shopping bag, but I managed to get my groceries in, and was looking forward to feasting on said seafood. Until, that is, unpacking, I realised: where are my shrimps?!

ETA: Yes, well...sorry about that outburst, new friends __kali__, rj_anderson, bunnirific, dawn_e_h, deadflowerss, elen_ancalima, frelling_tralk, laura_isaac, strangefrontier, and scatterheart. Please don't let it put you off, although I feel it fair to warn you: I usually have less important observations to make. Welcome!
Tags: real life, sciatica

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