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I'm walking unaided again!

Well, when I say 'walking', I mean it's more of a shuffling motion, but I'm sure it won't be long before I can take great big strides again...And sitting up (or down) is not such a problem anymore, either, as the pain in my hip and thigh is mostly gone. Now the only thing that worries me a little still is the continued numbness in my foot and the burning sensation in my calf which is really driving me mad -- you know how irritating a scald can be, don't you? Well, I've had what feels like a giant scald on my leg for 10 days now, and there's nothing can be done to soothe it as there is no scald. Just nerve pain; the kind, I would imagine, amputees are often reported as feeling. But let's not dwell on that; for the moment at least, let's be glad I'm getting back on my feet again!

Hang on, does that mean I'll have to go back to work tomorrow?

Also, another reason for feeling happy and upbeat today: it's mrmonkeybottoms's birthday!

Tags: birthdays, health, injury, real life, sciatica

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