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Greetings to the new brunette

I'm feeling rather naughty. Here I am, supposed to rest up and heal (still not 100% okay, but getting there) and I've just made an appointment for 4:15 pm to have my roots done and my hair cut. If Jobsworth were ever to find out, there'd be hell to pay...but I had to! My fringe has come to reach halfway down my face, and I can't see a blooming thing through it.

Not looking forward to it, though. Well, apart from being able to see unhindered again by the end of the afternoon. I'm hoping that whoever gets the job of taking care of me this time will heed me when I tell them not to take too much off, but they never do, do they?

On the other hand, I'm getting quite restless being cooped up in here. I want to get off this couch, put on a flouncy skirt and step out into the grey and undoubtedly cold air outside. I must be going mental.

Ah well. At least it's not snowing anymore.


ETA: 7pm: back from the hairdresser's. Not sure about the do yet, but very pleased about the dye job. We opted for a mix of 3 different colours, chocolate brown, middle brown, and golden brown, layered from dark to light --

Tags: real life
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