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March 4th

Cass's birthday.

For days now, I've been imploring my muse, "Let me write something worthy of her!" For days now, the muse has been unresponsive. Ideas germinated only to be aborted, and sentences started would not be finished.

Writing's hard when it's not instinctive, the way Cass's is. Her talent is unmistakable, and her personality shines through with every word she commits to paper, or types up on her computer. She really has that quick wit, that wonderful way with words; that big, sappy, romantic heart and that magnanimity of spirit that she imbues her characters with, and uses these to make them come alive. Despite being convinced that Buffy doesnotdeservehim, she's been able to write her sympathetically and portray her realistically as a young woman with a mind and a capacity for love and growth. Her Spike is one of the best in-character Spikes there is: Buffy may be his reason for unliving, but he's perfectly capable of functioning without her and relating to the world and people around him on his own, usually sound terms.

But of course it's not the strength of Cass's writing that makes me proud and happy to know her. I knew her before The Annoying One began making housecalls on her and was proud and happy to call her my friend then. I hope to have the opportunity to share that pride and happiness in our friendship with her for many years to come.

Three cheers for calove, the best and most wonderful friend anyone could wish for!

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