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The state of me

This morning, it has been alternately snowing and raining, and just now, a hailstorm has passed dropping hailstones of unusual size; so I opted to stay at home another day. Jobsworth rang demanding to know what I was playing at, why I wasn't at work, as he distinctly remembered my telling him I would need 2 weeks to recuperate and as of this morning, those 2 weeks were up. I told him I had said 'at least 2 weeks', and that I wasn't feeling up to the commute and the sitting at a desk 8 hours, 5 days a week yet. He next wanted to know what the company doctor had had to say about that, and when I told him I hadn't heard from the company doctor yet, he seemed to blame me for their failure to get in touch with me. I ought to have shown some initiative and called them on their laxity. Who, other than myself, he wanted to know, was monitoring my condition and assessing my fitness for a return to the job? I told him my GP was, to get him off my back, but of course my GP does nothing of the sort. He saw me 2 weeks ago, gave me some pills, and that was it. Anyway, formulating a plan to get the company doctor to confer with my GP, Jobsworth rang off. His parting shot had me slightly worried for a few minutes at the most, until I recalled my GP on an earlier occasion assuring me that he could not and would not reveal any information about my state of health to anyone, least of all company doctors, without receiving my written permission first.

So, how am I doing? Pretty well, I think. I'm definitely improving day by day. The scalding feeling is subsiding now as well, and the only thing that bothers me is my foot that still feels numb and just feels like a great big lump of ice stuck at the end of my leg, that doesn't always want to follow the instructions my brain gives it. However, I have no reason to assume that this will be a permanent condition. Give it a couple more weeks, and it should be fine. Well, that's what I'm hoping for, anyway.

What else? oh yes -- I've given up the hope of ever being slim again, and staying that way. Time was when I would come out of winter having put on a bit of weight around the thigh and belly area, and watching my intake for 6 weeks would sort me out for the rest of the warmer season. These days though, I seem to be putting weight on all over the place, not just belly and thigh, but boobs and stomach as well. Perhaps it's the age thing coming into it...I don't know; but the way I'm going, I shouldn't wonder if 10 years from now, I should be a size 20. I hope not, but like I said: I shouldn't wonder.

And although I'm pleased that Sian and Russell have won the sympathy vote (take that, Stewart Copeland!), I can't help feeling that the scousers were robbed last night in the Just The Two Of Us-finale.
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