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The company doctor's office has finally gotten in touch with me and set up an appointment for March 21st, on the understanding that this appointment will be cancelled automatically if I start back at work before that date. Theoretically, that means I could take the whole of next week off too, but I've decided to make a fresh start on Monday, and left a message for Jobsworth to that effect. Hope I don't come to rue my decision, but I'm getting terribly bored doing nothing but housework all the time.

It's only 15 more days before I fly to England, and 16 before I'll be joining up with freakspawn, anonypooh and _mysteria_ to see Griffin House in concert in Coventry. He's very thoughtfully sent out an e-card that includes 3 tracks, and it can be sampled here: UK tour card.

And finally, river_soul has set up a journal to carry all her excellent fanfic and original stories at Rainy Weekends. Check it out!
Tags: gigs, health, injury, music, pimp, sciatica

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