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Let's see: sore throat, runny nose, grit-filled eyes -- yup, I've got a head cold. Bleuggghh.

Consulted my GP again yesterday; apparently, I shouldn't expect the continued numbness to ease off any time soon, although ease off, it will, she said -- I just have to give it time. Meanwhile, I've got weeks of stumbling and literally tripping myself up to look forward to. Not happy at the prospect, but what can you do? Still, I suppose this means that I should be able to get back in heels some time before Christmas, and so won't have to donate them to the Salvation Army after all. Something to smile about, at least ;-).

Must make arrangements for my nephew to take care of my cats while I'm away...but do I declare my computer off-limits to him, or...? He's already messed up my Mum's with his games and chat sessions. Maybe I should make a back-up of my system, just in case. How does one go about doing that, by the way? (Yes, I know I work for a computer company, but we've got IT people taking care of our systems there).

Watched my director's cut special edition of Amadeus today. Was pleasantly surprised to note that the version that made it into the cinemas at the time was actually much better with those 4 or 5 restored scenes taken out: they hold up the story and really don't add anything of great dramatic value to it. Will be ff-ing through those scenes next time I view it.

Think I'll make myself a hot cocoa and go to bed in a vain attempt to fight off this cold...Oh, and I got two cards in the post, both from db2305. The reason she sent them was obvious: they both had a picture of shoes on them! BTW, did I mention I bought a new pair yesterday?
Tags: film, health, injury, sciatica

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