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I've caught a cold, my aunt has come to visit, and in other news:

I went back to work today, but it soon became apparent that I'd bitten off more than I could chew: I'm not up to travelling 2 hours, sitting at a desk for 8, and then travelling back another 2, so after conferring with the company doctor, Jobsworth graciously allowed me to leave a couple of hours early. I think I'll go in only half days for the rest of the week, then try going back to full-time again next week.

But it was good to see my colleagues again, hear the gossip, and witness for myself the devastation that's been wrought by the latest round of redundancies. The day before I managed to trap my sciatic nerve simply by crossing my legs whilst sitting down to enjoy a coffee and a quiet read, 27 people had received the news that their services would no longer be required as of May 31st. Not surprisingly, quite a few of them have called in sick since then, and their empty desks serve as a stark reminder that really none of us are safe.
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