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Radio gaga radio googoo

I'm rapidly becoming addicted to, which until as little as three days ago, I didn't even know existed. Now, whenever I take place behind my computer, the first thing I do is turn on one of my streams or tag radio.

I never used to like or see much point to radio before. All those DJs and ads shoutng over or breaking into my favourite songs, and all those songs I didn't like but still had to sit through if I wanted to get to th egood stuff ruined the experience of radio for me very early on. I own no radio and have never felt as if I was missing something. But now I've got and I'm bewitched. It doesn't only play the kind of music I told it I like, but it plays me music it thinks I may like as well, and so far, it hasn't made very many mistakes yet (and when it does, I just ff through it). On the contrary, it's actually introduced me to new bands and artists I hadn't heard (about) yet and am very pleased to have gotten to know a little now, like the Kings of Convenience, Goldfrapp or The Postal Service.

My page still looks kind of empty, though; I haven't had time to have a proper nose around and see what I can do with it, but for now I think I'll just concentrate on finding new artists and music to like. Too bad Common Rotation aren't on it yet...they're the 'unknown' on my profile.

So, recommend me stuff! What, in your honest opinion, is a must-hear for me? If it's obscure, so much the better since I can find the non-obscure stuff on TOTP or MTV if I'm so minded...

ETA: I've just been seduced by Four Tet. I think I'm regressing in my musical tastes to the early 80s when I spent most of my leisure time in dance halls and the rest of it playing Depeche Mode and Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark in my room. Electronica rules, baby! ;-)

gamiila's Weekly Artists Chart

Now that that's out of the way, did you hear about the Loyalty Userpics? F*ck me, but now I've got 110 spaces to fill!
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