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This little piggy went to market

As Mick had offered to take care of my cats while I'm away, I went round to my sister's early this morning to drop off a spare set of keys. I found the family getting ready to go to the market, and on the spur of the moment decided to tag along. Neither my sister nor I had been there in ages, but the weather, though cold, was fine and it seemed a shame to spend the day indoors, and going to the market seemed like a good idea for a fun family outing. Besides, my niece's clothing allowance was burning a hole in her pocket and she wanted to look for some new boots.

The Hague, being one of The Netherlands' biggest towns, has several markets almost every day of the week, but when we say we go to market, without any further qualification, there's really only one: the biggest and the best, that's been held in the same place since time immemorial...or for over a hundred years at least. Our mum used to take us there all the time when we were little, but now that we're grown-ups, and working, we tend to get our groceries from the supermarkets in our own neighbourhoods. Because you can't pop down to the market and expect to be home again in 20 minutes. The market is huge and thronged with people, and it's impossible to move across it in your usual brisk pace. The crowd move slowly, very slowly, and all you can do is just shuffle along with it. It's a pick-pocket's paradise. Still, the produce on sale is fresh, varied, of general good quality and cheap (or cheaper than in the supermarkets), so it does sometimes pay to go there.

I wasn't intending to buy anything, yet I still came home with a bag full of mangoes, my favourite fruit (5 for 2 euros); 2 new pillow cases and a duvet cover; and these lovely new shoes for the summer

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