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"Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos."

I saw the company doctor yesterday, despite the fact that I'd already returned to working fulltime. I still had a few questions/concerns re: my condition and it seemed easier just to have her answer them rather than make another appointment with my GPs, who have given up open surgery from January 1st. Anyway, I now have a better understanding of what sciatica is: it's actually the muscles in your lower back seizing up and trapping the sciatic nerve between them, so nothing to do with disks or spine. Somehow, this newly gained knowledge made me feel better, though I can't exactly explain why. Also, the weakness and numbness to the lower leg and foot is likely to affect me for at least a month or two more, but I shouldn't let it stand in the way of me taking exercise.

Because I need to exercise. I need to take up a sport. "You're still young, you can and should do it now, and you need to get back in shape", she said. I know, I said, but when have I got time to indulge in any sports? Well, we have a gym right here, she said, you could come down and exercise on the machines for an hour every day. I told her Jobsworth wouldn't allow it, and that's true, he wouldn't. Then she suggested I take up running in my lunchbreak. Me! Running! With my history of injury to my locomotive system?

I tried running once, at the suggestion and in the company of one of my physiotherapists. I tripped over a dog backwards and gave myself a whiplash.

Still, she is right: I really have to start doing something to get fit soon, or reconcile myself to the idea of living out the rest of my days as a disgustingly fat slob. I've taken to wearing shapeless clothes again; this is never a good sign.
Tags: health, injury, real life, sciatica

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