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Back to the grindstone

It felt weird to be getting back to work today, especially since when I got there, I found that no fewer than three of my co-workers had left during my absence. One I knew was leaving before I went away on holiday, but the other had gotten a better offer, counted up her holidays, and quit as per immediately, and the other, who had been down in the dumps when he was told his job would be outsourced to Bangalore a few weeks ago, had through his network found a position closer to home, and left with a nice lump sum of HP's in his pocket...and another of my colleagues will be leaving as per the 1st of May, to another position within the company.

Jobsworth was actually glad to see me, and was nice to me all day, never even mentioning the fact that I was 10 minutes late coming in as there'd been a pile-up on the motorway and the bus had been delayed because of it.

freakspawn has put up a detailed account of our adventures in her LJ, with pictures, which means I won't have to go over old ground and tell it again from my perspective, although I may do so still later on. Not now though, as I'm tired and want to go to bed...I'm hoping I can sleep through the night as I haven't been able to the last couple of nights. I keep waking up around half past two feeling as if ants are marching up and down my legs. It's the strangest feeling...I wonder if it's one of those after-effects of the sciatica that no one's told me about.

4 More days till Doctor Who!
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