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2.01 New Earth

Well, that certainly didn't disappoint...

...except maybe for the ending which I thought might have been a bit too pat (healing all the sick and infected with just a few bags of antidote?)...

...Cassandra! talking out of her backside! Although I initially thought it a shame to hear that The Doctor (my Doctor) hadn't managed to kill her dead after all, her continued existence did allow both Billie and David to showcase their talent in a different way. And that kiss! I'm so glad I never 'shipped Rose and this Doctor now -- and yet I still relish the 'shippy lines Cassandra-in-The-Doctor uttered about Rose having checked him out and liking what she saw.

...would people still say 'chav' in 5 billion years? Would they still speak English, for that matter?

...poor puddy tats being dragged off by the police at the end, esp. the nice sister who had sat with the Face of Boe.

...so the Face of Boe is to return once more, at which point he'll impart his wisdom? Oh well.

...what was Rose doing snogging that Mickey at the beginning? She really needs to let that boy go -- waiting around on her all the time, that's no life for him!

..."I'm The Doctor and I cured them all!" -- rather reminiscent of Nine and "This time, everybody lives!" I miss Nine. A lot.

...funny, how I seem to have read some of these scenes in fic already! The lying-in-the-grass side-by-side, e.g.

...can there be such a thing as too much CGI? I suddenly feel nostalgic for the shoestring budget sets of yesteryear.

Also, The Dalek Song.



Apr. 16th, 2006 01:09 pm (UTC)
aww my favourite part WAS the "chav" - how we did giggle ;) and the shippyness!

very good start - I miss Nine not one jot but he doesn't mind - Ten is cute.
Apr. 16th, 2006 01:47 pm (UTC)
Ten has his moments and on the whole< i do like him, but I can't help feelig that he's a bit of a lightweight compared to his predecessor and also quite judgmental -- the "There is no higher authority"and the way he he dealt with Harriet Jones in TCI...

But the ep was wonderful and I can't wait to see it again...now if my download finishes anytime soon, I can watch it again!