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A quiet Easter Sunday. Mum came round for tea and biscuits, and in the course of conversation, found out about my Doctor Who-interest. I showed her this month's SFX Doctor Who-collection issue, and she flicked through it, starting at the back. She dismissed the present Doctor as 'too thin'; shrugged non-committally at "this is the one you like, is it? The Ninth?"; fast forwarded to Four, whom she recognised -albeit vaguely- from the olden days; and then turned to the page devoted to Eight, and fell in lust instantly. But then of course, he is easily the prettiest of them all, so Mum must not be ridiculed, even if she is exactly 3 days older than Tom Baker.

I'm reading The Gallifrey Chronicles, which came free with the magazine, right now. This is the first time I've ever read a novelisation in any of my fandoms.
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