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2.02 Tooth and Claw

Flicking through my flist, I appear to be the only one who wasn't bowled over by Tooth and Claw. Of course there were nice bits and all that, but on the whole, I didn't really care for it. Rose's constant allusion to Victoria's not-amusedness was pretty annoying, and the BBC One ident\kung fu monks rather pointless. What happened to them at the end? And why did Victoria lie about who killed the lead monk?

Great looking werewolf, though. Much better than that sad excuse of one they made of Oz in BtVS. Other bits I liked were The Doctor's Scottish accent, his use of the name Jamie McCrimmon, his licking of the mistletoe infusion coated panelling, his "Am I being rude again?", his working out there was a trap within a trap and how to spring it; Lady Isobel's courage and quick thinking; and of course, Ian Dury.

And, after having watched TCI, New Earth and this episode, I still don't feel the love with this Doctor as I did with the previous one from the very beginning.
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