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I've been interviewed by __kali__. If anyone wants me to interview them, leave me a message!

1. Favourite Pulp song?

To be honest, I don't really know any Pulp-songs other than Common People..I aways thought of Jarvis Cocker as a pretentious git who really couldn't dance at all, and based on my -no doubt wholly misplaced- antipathy towards their frontman, I never took the trouble to acquaint myself with more of their music.

2. Who would be on your fantasy five?

Do you mean, what celebs have I got a soft spot for? I suppose there are a few, but the ones that spring readily to mind are Gary Oldman, who's been my favourite actor for as long as I can remember, purely on the strength of his acting ability, the way he can make me believe in the characters he's portraying; Christopher Eccleston who from what I've seen of his personality seems to be someone who doesn't take himself too seriously yet is totally dedicated to his ideals and what he does; and Robert Downey Jr. who in addition to his fine acting also boasts the most beautiful pair of liquid brown eyes...These fine gentlemen would definitely form my Top 3...and I would have to think really long and hard to come up with two more.

3. Favourite pair of shoes?

Oh God, I have so many...and it always seems to be the pair I haven't bought yet. ;-) Of the shoes currently in my possession, for everyday wear I would probably go with my camouflage Puma trainers or my simple black Lacostes, because they're soft and easy to wear which is important to me now since I've started having a little trouble with my undercarriage in the last few years, having to contend with a busted ankle on my left leg and coping with the after-effects of sciatica in my right. The damage to the nerve is currently such that I can't balance on heels at all -- every time I try I take 3 steps and fall flat on my face, which is very frustrating at the moment.

Of my more dressy shoes, the fire engine red suede slingbacks which I bought in Amsterdam in May 1994 with my first salary from HP have remained fast favourites, even though they are getting to be a bit worn now.

4. Would you ever come back to Telford or did you find it much too scary and Chav-filled?

I don't know. In 2004, I swore I would never set foot in Milton Keynes again, and I haven't so far; but I haven't made a similar vow regarding Telford and I'll never say never. I would have to have a good reason, though -- maybe to have another look at that clock and try to work out where that golden ball comes from.

5. Which do you prefer: Life on Mars or Doctor Who and why?

This is difficult...Last year, I would have said Doctor Who because, let's face it, I was besotted with the show, and loved it warts and all. However, I think I prefer the format on Life On Mars, where the arc is sustained over an entire season. I didn't mind the 45-90 minute glimpses we were afforded into the Doctor's adventures last year, but I've since come to the conclusion that the plot suffers from having to cram too much in in too short a space of time (esp. on RTD's watch), so this year: Life On Mars, I guess.
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