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Yesterday, I got home to find that the postie had brought round a surprise for me. Not only had C sent me 'Storm Front' as promised, but -horrified by my admission that I had dared to listen to Madonna the other day-, she had also included Evanescence's debut album in the package. Her note teased that it was to 'broaden my horizons', although she readily admitted she doesn't yet know what to make of it herself. And after having listened to it a couple of times, I think I know what she means. The 11 tracks on the album are very similar, which makes for great cohesion...while at the same time, it makes me lose interest very quickly. (Attention span of a gnat, me)

'Storm Front', OTOH, is delightful. I've only gotten halfway through the 1st CD so far, but the story's got me hooked and thank God I've got a few days off coming up, so I can just sit and listen to it unfold. JM of course, is a fantastic reader; but it does feel weird having a book read to me rather than reading it myself.

And so we come to Easter once again. I checked the TV listings for the weekend and sure enough, 'Jesus Christ Superstar' is on again! I might watch it, too...I wonder if they do a sing-along version of it at the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square? They're always doing sing-alongs there. I joined them for 'The Sound of Music'-one last year - I never laughed so hard in all my life! Well, OK, that might have been a slight exaggeration, but it was a fun night out and I would go again if the opportunity presented itself.

In other news: I've taken the decision to put my father in a home. His mental state has been deteriorating steadily and it has reached the point where he can't take care of himself anymore. I've been taking care of him for the last 3 years but it's getting more and more difficult to combine with work and things, and I can't keep taking days off to deal with his crises all the time. Still, I've been balking at making this decision for a long time, burying my head in the sand and hoping I wouldn't have to think about it for a long, long time. I also didn't know how to break it to my Dad that I thought it would be the better option for him, until I discussed it with his neurologist yesterday. To my surprise, Dad agreed to the move, and now that the wheels have been set in motion, I don't expect it will be long before we'll have found him a place somewhere.
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