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2.07 The Idiot's Lantern

Apart from the fact that I think the 'OMG we've landed in entirely the wrong place in entirely the wrong time again'-gag is getting a bit old, I must say I enjoyed this episode a lot better than the previous one...or two...or...

Actually, it strikes me that the sequencing of the episodes seems all wrong this year. Here we had The Docter and Rose, as close as they ever were, with nary a thought about poor Mickey, stranded in alt!London or alt!Paris (okay, his choice, but still...), or of The Docter's recent dalliance with Reinette, or his reunion with Sarah just doesn't make sense. This ought to have gone before School Reunion, perhaps before Tooth and Claw or New Earth even...

Anyway, things I liked about his episode:

- the shoes. Obviously. I hope there'll be an icon soon.

- Maureen Lipmann as the wicked witch of television - but then, I love Maureen in anything she does, really...

- Rose's expertise on the Union Flag - you learn something new every day, they say, and today I learnt this: it's only properly called the Union Jack when it's flown at sea.

- shouty!Doctor and his quiff; that hairstyle really suits him.

- the return of the 'ship, with the Doctor getting very very upset and very very angry only after the Monster of the Week has messed with his Rose; this was the first time IMO that Ten showed a little bit of the intensity of emotion that Nine always seemed to have.

- Rose telling Tommy to go after his dad; that was so in character for her, esp. after the events in Father's Day and the recent two-parter.

There was just one thing that puzzled me no end: how can anyone hold office in a place where all the windows have been smashed? It must have been an uncommonly mild night, for the Detective Inspector was sitting there in his shirtsleeves and the papers on his desk didn't even stir, but still...I'm sure they couldn't have banked on the clemency of the weather for very long, seeing as it was supposed to be England. I know the coronation took place in June, but even so...
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