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Random thoughts

This morning's newspaper devoted no fewer than 12 pages to football and our side's chances in the upcoming championship. Which, realistically speaking, are no better or worse than those of the vast majority of the national teams in the pools, but if you choose to believe certain sections of the press, you'd think the Cup was in the bag already.

Or not. Because there are other sections that strike a more pessimistic note and say that our side is too young, too untried and too inexperienced to stand much of a chance in this year's top tournament. We'll see.

The downstairs flat has been sold, and according to our nosey neighbour, the buyer is 'a very nice and quiet' man with 'impeccable manners'. Which means that I'm now half-expecting to find myself living over a house of horrors in a couple of months.

My hair has grown to that awkward length where it keeps tickling my shoulders. It's annoying.

Apart from a couple of days of sunshine at the beginning, last month has been absolutely depressing, cold, grey and wet. I'm sure this is the longest I've ever had the heating on: 8 months! And still this cold spell lasts.
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