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2.08 The Impossible Planet

Yet another episode that made me go meh -- inbetween the bits where it made me go hey! that's Will from Strictly Come Dancing! and hah! it's Tim Curry in Legend! And I know I've seen Zach and Jefferson before too, but can't quite put my finger on where, exactly...

My attitude to Doctor Who has changed with this new series. Whereas last year I watched because I simply couldn't miss an episode, however silly or flawed; now I watch it out of habit and because there really isn't anything else on, but while I'm watching, the silliness and the flaws grate on me. Last year, I cared about the characters; this year, I couldn't give a toss, least of all about The Doctor and Rose. The writing and the editing seems sloppy, the special effects hit-and-miss, and overall, the series seems to lack cohesion (IMO). Come November, I definitely won't be acquiring the dvd-box.

What I am looking forward to though is the return of Ripley Holden in Viva Blackpool this next Saturday, even if it's just a one-off special.
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