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2.09 The Satan Pit

Not a bad episode. Actually, compared to what's gone before, one of the best this series.
Big with the pathos (Ida as she said goodbye to her crew mates), the predictability (Jefferson's heroic last stand) and the surprising twist (the Beast's body's still caged, but its intelligence has fled and is hitching a ride to Earth -- or so it thinks).
I liked how Rose stepped up to the plate, got everyone on the station to utilise their strengths, pull together and extracate themselves from their predicament. I liked how The Doctor went down into the pit, and worked out the Beast's plan and how to thwart it. And, though I still don't ship Rose and Ten, I liked how he acknowledged her in the lines Tell Rose...tell her...oh, she knows and (..) if I believe in anything, I believe in her.

Now I don't know much about space travel, but...when Rose broke the window and let Beast!Toby get sucked out into space, shouldn't they all have died from acute asphyxiation or something? I mean, there's no air in space, is there? And they weren't wearing any spacesuits, any of them...

Just before The Satan Pit aired, Dutch TV finally, after sitting on it for almost a year, started broadcasting last year's series, with Rose. And I have to say: Christopher Eccleston, how I still love your Doctor! So much less shouty, so much more sparse in his dialogue...Ten, by comparison, strikes me as a wittering idiot half the time. And of course, Nine, IMO, oozes Teh Sex, whereas Ten leaves me cold.

Now, tomorrow Holland will play their first match in the World Cup, against Serbia-Montenegro. Last time they met, when the opposing side was still known as Yugoslavia, they beat them 6-1. I'm hoping they can beat them again this time, but unfortunately, I can't be in front of the telly to cheer them on as I'm supposed to be going to my niece's birthday party in the afternoon. Why oh why could she not have it on her actual birthday (today)? Kids! They can be so inconsiderate sometimes.

As for today's matches: I'm sorry, but I didn't think much of England's performance on the pitch this afternoon. They barely held their own against Paraguay, for God's sake! Watching Trinidad & Tobago draw against Sweden after that made everything alright again, though. Go, T&T! You've done brilliantly!


Jun. 10th, 2006 07:59 pm (UTC)
Right there with you on the football. Go T&T! We have the only cat around named after the T&T hero - go Shaka!
Jun. 10th, 2006 08:05 pm (UTC)
Really? Is that how he got his name? I thought it might have been the other one...but yeah, go Shaka, go!
Jun. 10th, 2006 08:23 pm (UTC)
No - he really is named after Shaka Hislop, who had only recently signed for Newcastle United when we got the cat.

Black and white cats in this household are named after NUFC players - and as the kitten was mostly black, and prefered to catch a ball or toy mouse rather than run with it, he had to be named after Shaka Hislop. And Shaka was a better cat name than Hislop!