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10 days before my flight...

...and I'm getting really depressed. I still don't have my Wireless ticket, and I can't seem to get through to Ticketmaster's customer service, either by phone (keeps cutting off after a while) or by e-mail (their standard response is that due to the amount of traffic they receive, it may take some time before they can get to my query).

I wouldn't be so worried if I hadn't read the confirmation e-mail I got on booking my order so carefully in the last few days. It says, and I quote: "Because of policies established by our clients, including venues, teams and theaters, we will not issue an exchange or refund for a ticket after it has been purchased, and we will not issue a refund for a lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed ticket or for a ticket claimed to be "not delivered".

I'm almost tempted to buy a new one, in the hope that that will get to me in time...
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