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LJ to be turned into a MySpace clone?

I heard some pretty upsetting rumours concerning the changes SixApart may be cooking up for LiveJournal yesterday, but so far, I haven't been able to find any incontrovertible proof. I don't know what I'll do if these rumours turn out to be true. I don't want to have to leave here, because this journal has become my online home, a place where I feel completely secure, a place where I can show myself warts and all, where I feel accepted and supported by so many friends all over the world -- people who have come to mean so much to me, who have helped me in so many ways to grow into the kind of person I am today, who have been patient, encouraging, comforting and just plain wacko...

For now, I will just pretend that there is nothing to worry about and my LiveJournal will continue indefinitely, but if anyone hears any differently, please let me know. Maybe opening a GreatestJournal account wasn't such a bad idea, after all.

ETA: mother has started a petition to present to SixApart, saying NO, we DON't want LJ turned into MySpace, we DON'T want to be segregated based on our age demographic, and we DON'T want ads. If you want to sign your name to it too, go here:

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