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My home is my castle -- crippling me with debt!

Finally! I've sorted out my ticket to this weekend's event at Hyde Park. When I rang last week, they advised to wait another couple of days and then ring back if said ticket still failed to materialise; but after that I never managed to get through to them again. This morning though, on my 7th try, I did just that. I can collect my ticket from the box office, which will open somewhere in or near Hyde Park (they don't know where yet), from an hour before the event kicks off. I envisage queues, crowds, and quite a bit of hassle, but at least I will get in before Depeche Mode come on stage (I hope).

Our apartment block's annual flat owners' meeting last night has given me a bit of a shock, inasmuch as I got to find out that there's nowhere near enough money in the kitty for us to go ahead with the planned maintenance this year. We've now postponed it to next spring, when it simply has to be done, but the question remains: where am I going to find the money I'm now having to pay extra into it? An additional worry is that the company that up until beginning of this month did our administration has decided we no longer fit their profile, and have ceased and desisted all activity on our behalf as per June 6th. On top of that, our present legal construct is apparently such a shambles that we're best advised to go back to the drawing board and start again, but this is likely to bring even more of a financial burden with it.
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