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O2 Wireless, Depeche Mode, 25/06/06

Of course, I'd forgotten to check if my batteries were still fully charged by the time I got to Hyde Park...and it turned out they weren't. Two cameras I had with me, and both refused service on the day. It's alright though: my companions all took photos, and I'm sure they'll put them up soon if they haven't already (see bogwitch's journal for an impression of the line-up).

But just before the end though, in the middle of DM's encore, something made me take out my camera and try it one more time...and this is the result, before the screen turned red and gave the "Batteries Depleted...Camera Shutting Down"-warning.

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Jun. 27th, 2006 12:29 pm (UTC)
4 quid's an extra cuppa at the airport ;)


Although that 2 hour wait? Meant an extra pair of shoes was purchased on duty free...