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Catching up on Doctor Who

I never said what I thought about the last two episodes of Doctor Who, did I? Well, on the whole, I liked them. Especially Love & Monsters, because it was such a departure from what we've seen before. The fact that neither Rose nor The Doctor were in it for more than a few minutes hardly even registered with me while I was watching it. I'm not a huge fan of Peter Kay, I must say, and I couldn't care less about the Blue Peter Competition Monster; but I liked the story, how it was told from an outsiders POV, someone who's lived with the consequences of The Doctor's actions, but has no inkling as to what their cause or conclusion might be. Although PavingSlab!Ursula and "we even have sort of a lovelife"? Ewwww -- in my opinion, The Doctor would have done better to let her be absorbed entirely...I know if it were me, I wouldn't want to end my days as a talking tile.

I also thought the scenes with Jackie, showing her loneliness and her strength, were wonderfully played out.

I watched Fear Her with bogwitch, and by the end we were both agreed that the episode was too sentimental for our tastes. Though there were some good bits, with Rose showing herself more pro-active and more like the Rose of the 2005 series than she has in this one, with The Doctor dipping his fingers in someone else's marmelade and getting told off with a look, Rose's stunned reaction to his casual mention of having been a father once (was he referring to Eight's Miranda here, or to whichever parent had made Susan his granddaughter, or..?), and the suggestion of the storm coming to break them up, even if it was laid on with a trowel. However, the thing that most disturbed me in particular was: where was the cat? When all the children were restored to their families,!
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