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2.12 Army of Ghosts

Wow! What a brilliant episode that was -- everything about it was good: the writing, the dialogue, the casting, and the suspense...oh! the suspense!

I particularly liked the opening sequence, with Rose's voice-over and the flying stingrays on the alien world shot. The glimpse of Nine I'd been spoiled for was just that, a glimpse (blink and you'll miss it) and not anything previously unseen (which means I still won't have to get the box set). LOL at Peggy slinging 'Dirty Den' out of her pub, bringing the count to 3 (former) EE stars participating in this adventure.

And hurray for Mickey (and Jake, and alterno!Pete), back from the parallel world where The Doctor said he wouldn't be able to get back from (and his casual observation that The Doctor had been wrong about things before).

Whee-hee! Daleks! Daleks and Cybermen making common cause -- oooh, we're done for now.

If only the whole of the season could have been of similar quality...
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