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Difficult feet

Took Mum to lunch in town this afternoon, after which we had a wander around the shops. Mum went home with a new pair of shoes, whereas I...didn't.

But then, for once, it hadn't been about me. Mum had made an offhand remark that she hadn't been able to find any summery shoes despite weeks of looking, because she had 'difficult feet'. This was the first I'd heard of it, but it didn't take me long to work out why she'd been unsuccessful: she kept browsing through the racks of the trendy yet affordable high street chains. Mum is 72! So I took her to an Ecco shop, where she fell in love with a beige/white/black lace-up leather and suede 'ladies' casual shoe', which just happened to be marked down in price, too. It's still not very summery, but practical as ever, Mum decided that she'd get more joy out of these year round than she would out of a pair of sandals.

'Difficult feet', indeed. Contrary to what she's believed for the past 50-odd years, she's not a size 38 -- she's a 38,5. Strange that it should be her daughter who works this out for her...I mean, when we were kids, and trying out new shoes, she was always pressing on the toes to see if there was still some room left there. It seems she never bothered to do the same for herself.
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