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Back from the hospital

I found Dad on the heart monitor ward, on a drip and hooked up to one of those beeping machines, but awake and lucid and worried about his cat. I made sure he was comfortable, then went to get him a pair of pyjamas, a change of clothes, and to feed his cat. I spoke to the staff at the home who told me they had strongly advised him against going out in the heat but what could they do -- it's not as if they can tie him down or anything, and I told them it was okay. Dad's a stubborn old bloke and once he gets it into his head to go for a walk, there is no one on this earth that can stop him. I rang my mum and my sister, and they both came to the hospital and sat with him as well.

The hospital's run a series of tests on him and we'll hopefully know a lot more tomorrow, but at the moment they seem to be most worried about his cardiac arrhythmia. If he's had a heart attack, it's likely to have been a minor one. Phew!

Dad has had a bit of a history of heart problems over the last 15 years or so. He suffered a major heart attack in 1990, and has had several minor incidents over the last few years as well (plus he's also had 2 strokes, a major one in 1996 and a less severe one in 2000), so when the call came this afternoon, it didn't come as a complete surprise to learn that he'd been taken into hospital again.

Thank you all who have left messages of comfort and best wishes, and I hope to have more good news for you soon!
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