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Twisting our tongues around Europe

And still this infernal heat persists...Someone actually fainted on the bus this morning, and although it was good to see the display of willingness to help a fellow human being in a state of distress or, in this case, unconsciousness, among my fellow travellers, it did mean I got to the office late again...where some time this afternoon it seemed the heat had fried our brains so much that we spent half an hour trying to see who could come up with the most impossible tongue twister of all. I don't believe we agreed on any one winner, but here are some of the lines that were spouted with varying degrees of fluency by the participants:

She sells seashells on the seashore; the shells she sells are seashells, I'm sure.
Three Swiss witch-bitches, which wished to be switched Swiss witch-bitches, wish to watch three Swiss Swatch watch switches.
Which Swiss witch-bitch which wishes to be a switched Swiss witch-bitch, wishes to watch which Swiss Swatch watch switch?

De herbergier van de herberg hier herbergt hier de herbergier van de herberg daar.
Liesje leerde Lotje lopen langs de lange Lindelaan.
De kat krabt de krullen van de trap.
Mijn drukker leeft in droeve druk, want 't drukken geeft hem weinig drukte;
't ware geen bedrukte drukker, was 't drukken maar wat drukker.

Bucura-te cum s-a bucurat Bucuroaia de bucuria lui Bucurel cand a venit Bucurel bucuros de la Bucuresti.
Cand ma gandesc ca te gandesti ca ma gandesc la tine, gandeste-te ca ma gandesc ca te gandesti la mine.
Un vultur sta pe pisc cu-n pix in plisc.
Domnule Dudu da-mi dude din dudul dumitale din drum.

Uksikseskus uskiskelet, itsekseskus itkeskelet.

Un assassin sur son sein sucait son sang sans cesse.
Un chasseur sachant chasser doit savoir chasser sans son chien.
Les chausettes de l'archiduchesse sont elles seches archi seche?

That's an international environment for you...Anyone know any others that I can wow my co-workers with next time?

(No news on Dad yet, I'm afraid).
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