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* Am more or less sorted now for October (still need to book the time off, and my flights to and from Blighty) - will be spending Thu, Fri and Sat hot on the trail of Common Rotation in the company of anonypooh, tori_x, missfairfax, love_by_137, quietlychaotic, with guest appearances (fingers crossed!) by freakspawn and sister, and Carol G; going from London to Belfast to Glasgow -- and this time, without breaking anything! (Well, that's the plan at least).

* Will then go down to Birmingham with anonypooh, to see The Boy Least Likely To at Barfly on Sun Oct 8th.

* OK Go are made of awesome: after having witnessed them do this at London's Wireless Festival some weeks ago, they're now dancing on treadmills!

* Been having fun at work again, where I've been training up new minions Emile and Sebastian for the last few days. Tiring though, having to think and explain about what I do all the time.

* Been having problems with my Achilles again, and this time, it's more than just a painful nuisance. It's making it almost impossible to walk, as I can't seem to push off on the heel anymore -- well, not without experiencing intense pain. It's not a tendonitis -- I fear I may have developed a tendonosis. Am debating whether or not to go see a doctor...not that they've been any use in the past.

* Go figure: desdemonaspace has pretty shoes to show me...then deprives me of the chance to comment.
Tags: common rotation, injury, plans, real life, travel, work

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